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Great idea and addictive gamePosted by Emily O'Connor 2015-02-07

The idea behind this game is great, happily run along, dodge the obstacles and beat the baddy. The controls are simple and clear but unresponsive to user timings when trying to dodge closely positioned obsticals. Also I find it very difficult to differntiate between the background and game play objects so would be only looking ahead in game missing higher routes. I find the car to be poorly positioned and distracting which only adds to the difficulty of playing this game. 2/5.

Seems great but...Posted by Andrew Hallett-Patterson 2015-10-09

Sorry guys but this game just freezes completely on my Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Its slow to start,lags badly when swiping and tapping,no soft buttons for options appear anywhere and generally seems incompatible. I admit my phone was recently updated to Lollypop 5.1.1 in Australia so that may be the underlying cause. Hope you can rectify this as it looks to be a great game. Rock on !!

Shaun the SheepPosted by Phillip Miner 2015-09-06

I also have a Droid Turbo and I too have problems with the game freezing up on me. It freezes up every time all of my sheep are captured on the first level. I go into my app manager and force close the game, try again and again getting the same results each time. This would otherwise be an awesome continuous running game!

Posted by 2015-09-03

اصلا بدرو نمیخوره من فکر کردم بازیش فکری یه چی تو مایه های انگریبرد...ولی فقط پلیس میوفته دنبالت هی باید از رو مانع بپری همین

Posted by elham Moshki 2016-01-03

خیلی عالی است پیشنهاد می دهم شما هم دانلود کنید به قول حمید حسینی راستی اسم من الهام مشکی نیست اسم من آریا روناسی است

مگنکاتحاوللا گتخخالهللهتگجPosted by pars online 2015-07-07


I want to playPosted by Michael Guerra 2015-08-20

It's hardly playable. It constantly freezes and glitches and shuts down. I have a Droid Turbo. What I have seen and played of the game, I liked. I hope all of these problems are fixed soon.

Posted by shima mohamed 2016-07-01

آره از آن متنفرم چون آدمو بی حوصله میکنه الان اسمه یه بازی میدم خوبترین بازیه واسه من رویه آشپزی

Posted by 2015-07-15

بازی جالبيه. اين بازی برای رفع خستگی و انرژی گرقتن گزينه خوبيه!پيشنهاد می کنم نصبش کنيد. ★★★

حجمPosted by yasin rahmani 2015-07-02

سلام و عرض ادب دارم از دوستانی که این بازی را ساخته اند . لطفا حجم بازی را کم کنید متشکرم

Posted by arash azimi 2015-06-24


Fun, but can be a challenge.Posted by William Gallerizzo 2015-07-23

It's a lot of fun, but moves very fast right from the beginning. Maybe too fast for my grand daughter (7) who loves Shaun. Also difficult to close.

الساPosted by MORAD GHIASI 2015-07-13

نگاه کن فروشگاه مینویسه خطا در دانلود اون وقت مینویسه درحال نصب لطفا بررسی کنید

BecausePosted by haseeb khan 2016-03-20

I am very happy to play this game because I play the home sheep home or home sheep home 2 or I also play home sheep home losts in space

Great game and brilliant ideaPosted by hanan majali 2015-06-05

This game its practice u to how to remove the bad thing from your bath,, how to control yourself to delete obistical in the right time

Shaun the sleepPosted by Darren Page 2015-09-24

Doesn't work correctly. No menu buttons work. Freezes and basically a kindergartener has better programming skills in coding.

بره ناقلاPosted by فاطمه زاجی 2015-07-04

خیلی خوبه فقط نمیدونم باید باهاش چیکار کنم میشه بهم بگید بازیش چجوری

Terrible gamePosted by Rachna Hundal 2015-03-24

I played it,and they don't even give a warning when the animal control guy zaps! Anyone who wants this game do NOT get it!

Posted by Mohammad Enayat 2015-12-11

عععععععفععععفااااااااااااااااااااااا لللللللللللللییییییییییی

Posted by Mostafa Rashidi 2015-07-13

حالشو ببرید، ، اگه بچه کوچک باگوشیتون بازی میکنه، بیشترمشتری میشه.

Posted by Farid Moradinezhad 2015-05-28

خیلی بددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددد یک ستاره هم زیادی اه اه

Posted by sanskar basnet 2015-07-18


Posted by aydin axaarsu 2015-06-24

لطفا نظر میدین ادب رو رعایت کنین الاغ نیستین که.... بازی خوبی است.

Posted by Omid Sami 2015-09-10

از عکسش معلومه که بازی باحالیه اما من یه بار نصبشرکردم نرفت توش

Posted by Kael Williams 2016-03-26

I like it Nice game. I really like Shaun the sheep just watched the movie it was so cute! I like the baby sheep.

Posted by kiarash heydari 2015-10-24

انصافا بازی چرتیه ولی کیارش چون امشب با هم می ریم هییت بهت میدم

The game made me giddy.Posted by Nobu T 2015-11-21

I like this animation. But I felt dizzy. このアニメは好きだけど、このゲームは目が回る。

Shaun the sheepPosted by abdullah wagh 2015-09-30

It was one of my best show zo i download the game and so iloved ot it is one of the best games in the world

CoolPosted by Bipush Pradhan 2015-08-17

When its first episode arrived on TV, I actually cried for it coz my mother didn't let me see. So 5 for thAt

خیلی بازی بدی بود:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-$O:-)gggggggPosted by 2016-08-26

واقعا بد بودددددد خخخخخخخخخخخخخخخ هههههههههههه واقعا که

نظر دهیPosted by زهرا امین ناصری 2015-11-11

در حال وانلود کردنم ... احساس می کنم جالببببب است ممنونممم

عالیPosted by YASIN KAMILY 2016-02-17

خیلی باحاله لطفا دانلود کنید عععععععااااااللللللیییییی

بلهPosted by Reza h 2015-07-24

سلام من از این بازی خیلی خیلی خیلی خیلی خوشم اومده بود

♥♥♥♥♥Posted by I Am Mehdi Homauoni 2016-01-29

خیلی عالیه.فوق العاده هستش.ولی خیلی دیر دانلود می کنه

I love Shaun the Sheep but....Posted by Rachel Raja 2015-12-05

I wish there was a match game or town building game to. These fast games are bad for my seizures

Posted by علیرضا رضادوست 2016-03-02

بالاخره یک چیز درست و حسابی پیدا شد . بهار از بقیه هست

Posted by neo 13 2015-11-25

Totally awsome game of my tipe need for speed cool i git highscores totaly awsome cant beleve

Shaun the sheepPosted by Mohammed Karam Allah 2015-11-12

لعبة روعه اروع من كل لعبة فل عالم بس تحتاج المغامرة

I,,LOVE,,,Posted by رزینا نوروزی 2015-06-26

خیلی قشنگ من عاشق اینم تازه عاشق بره ناقلام هوهو,,,,,

Run for your livesPosted by Kay Rana 2016-01-28

My friend says you have to run for your lives if you get zapped your with the pest control

Doesn't work for note 4Posted by A Samphao 2015-10-26

Downloaded but it never gets past opening. Tried 2 times. Pls don't put out games untested.

اصلا بازی خوبی نیستPosted by Pantea k 2015-07-21

همش نمی دونم چرا هنگ میکنه برای من که این طوری بوده

Aces ShaunPosted by Martyn Britton 2015-05-13

Sean the sheep is an absolute fukn legend. Fooking love this dumb çuñţ. Great. Fuk u all

نازنین‌زهرا‌Posted by hr k 2015-04-11


Posted by Michael Dicker 2016-06-25

Only worked for a while , then stopped letting you jump and wouldnt exit . Expect better

Shaun the Sheep Rules!Posted by Braden Quesenberry 2016-02-11

I L-O-V-E Shaun the Sheep! I've watched every episode in the series since I was little!

Posted by Asad Asif 2015-07-05

ﺧﻴﻠﻲ ﺟﺎﻟﺐ ﺑﭽﻪ اﻭﻟﻮﻳﺖ ﺑﺎ اﻧﺪ ﻫﺘﻬﻴﺎﺭ

Sheep Dashing Fun!Posted by Katie McQuin-Roberts 2015-01-10

Great fun game - easy to pick up and play, but requires some skill to really good at it!

Posted by SAHAR KERMANE 2015-10-06

خیلی باحاله من خیلی بره ناقلا دوست دارم عااالیه

پویاPosted by A Google User 2015-08-19


Black camels loose motionPosted by Manjunath Reddy 2016-03-16

It is soo bad a baby game is 100 Persant better than this sauny and grandfathers game

ReallyPosted by zeek bonaham 2015-10-13

Apparently we don't have enough running games not to mention this one is kind of hard

BOOO!!!!Posted by Alyssa Rodriguez 2015-09-07

This game sucks. How do they except u to jump with all of the distractions. :<

محمدPosted by mp1352 sh1354 2016-07-08

عالیه پنج ستار کم اینم بقیش**********************************

Posted by Mohamad Khaledi 2016-02-06

خیلی خوب پیشنهاد میکنم حتما دانلود کنید ممنون

عالیPosted by reyhaneh maleki 2016-02-03

خیلی خوبه من که میگم شماهم این برنامه ر بریزید

Posted by Hamid Hosseini 2015-12-18

خیلی عالی است پیشنهاد می دهم شما هم دانود کنید

Me tooPosted by Julian G 2016-09-01

I feel dizzy from playing the game so I deleted it because it feels me to throw up

Best game everPosted by Raizel Dimen 2016-06-07

Its good excellent not bad best game ever and I always watch their movies everyday

Posted by آرش بدری 2015-07-07

عالیه فقط دانلود ش کنید اگه کموافقی بزن لایکو

Posted by mohammadreza parsitabar 2015-06-27

منم دوسش دارم چونکه این بازی یه بازی کارتونیه

Brilliant little gamePosted by Aodhán Bennett 2015-02-08

Brilliant little game loved by 3 and 4 year old...and their somewhat older father.

Posted by Hasti Mohammadzadeh 2015-06-30

It's an interesting game...when I don't have internet....I'm always playing it...

Posted by Fahimeh Raeesi 2015-10-21

صحیتبنبنبحقحخقثبحقدب در زبان ند به ب دید که

حجمش خیلیهPosted by Amir Sedaghat 2015-07-10

خدا چرا نصب نمیشه ریخته شد باید باهاش چه کنم

HorriblePosted by Ron Williams 2015-07-17

Won't even open have tried to open the game 3 times and nothing Uninstaller it

Posted by Rachael Dean 2015-07-16

This game is so cool; ops I mean hot.cause its very cold in Ipswich Queensland

Posted by Nour Khaled 2015-09-20

I loved this game is you don't love this game I say to your mum ok ok bye now

بازی خیلی خیلی خوشیPosted by 2016-08-20

خیلی بازی خوشه من هروز چند ساعت بازی میکنم

Posted by maryam daneshfar 2016-02-18

عاااااالیه خیلی خوبه ممنون از تولید کننده

Posted by miss barton 2015-01-19

Love the idea but terrible to play very slow on reaction. Impossible to play

عالیPosted by یسنا خانم 2015-07-14

پنج ستاره کمه اینم بقیه ستاره هاش************‌

Posted by Kanzah Fatima Fatima 2015-03-28

I love this cartoon and I hope that this game is also good as well cartoons

Bit slowPosted by Setul Halai 2015-01-10

Its a bit laggie plus I can't seem to exit the game, please fix error ASAP.

خوبهPosted by Leila Azimi 2016-03-09

دانلودش نکردم ولی ازعکساش بنظرمیادعالیه

OkPosted by Andrew Cruickshank 2015-03-22

Nothing's wrong, i have just run out of storage. Had to remove something..

to hard to playPosted by felz90 2015-11-14

games will not fun anymore when the difficulty is beyond human capability

Its not borePosted by Salimwadi 15 2016-04-06

Its an intresting game not to bore since everybody should play this game

Very boring bad graphicsPosted by Zulfiqar Ali 2015-06-23

This is very very boring game. Its graphics and animations are very bad.

Loved itPosted by Janet Marruffo 2016-03-16

It is the best game and I loved but don't delete it or you'll be sorry

CoolPosted by cada love 2015-09-21

Its fun and also a challenge. Its a good game to play when you're bored

Shaun the sheep-shear speedPosted by Jan Micu Coloso 2015-01-13

Cool yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyotoyoyoyo

نیکو دخترم عکس بابامPosted by Mohammed YAGHUBI FARD 2015-02-12

شکل های درون این بازی زیاد تکراری نیست

Posted by Hemangi Rawal 2016-07-30


Posted by Izaan Malik 2015-09-13

My friend uzair loves this game and he has movie of Shaun the sheep

SaeedPosted by Fazal Saeed 2015-07-27

I love shaun the sheep movie and is cartoon character that is amazing

Posted by 2016-08-18

خیلی مسخره بود.ارزش نصب کردن رو نداره

Posted by P Javadi 2016-08-18

خیلی عالیه پیشنهاد میکنم دانلود کنید

DrakePosted by Drake Chaston 2015-11-01

I know that there are 4 sheep but only 3 count. Could you fix that?

Posted by Ahmad Ahmadi 2016-06-10

خیییییلی یک گیم خوبه واقعا دوسش دارم

THIS GAME LOOKS AMAZINGPosted by Daisy Green 2016-06-09

I only put hate because it hasn't downloaded yet but it looks good

Shaun the sheepPosted by Geraldine Owen 2015-12-09

Spinning Spinning swerving ducking and diving great fun . loved it

Posted by Beau Roberts 2015-10-28

I quite like this game but couldn't they make it more interesting

Posted by abdshoja abdshoja 2015-10-10

بازی فوق العاده ای حتما دانلود کنید .

Error 492Posted by shobhit sharma 2015-07-29

Gettin an error 492 please fix it and tell me what is this error??

Great GamePosted by Anukul Thakur 2015-06-27

Wonderful game. Should however have an option of quitting the app.

this is AMAIZING!Posted by Naznin Islam 2015-07-15

OMG THIS GAME IS HALARIOUS HOW U MADE THIS [email protected]!!?!?!?!?!?

Doesn't installPosted by Mint Mango 2016-03-23

I can't even download it for my daughter. Keep getting errors...

Posted by danial shadman 2015-07-17

علکی هنوز نصب نکردم پنج ستاره خخخخخ

NicePosted by Monika Khan 2015-04-02

I am crazy about shaun the sheep I wish its movie comes in india

Love uPosted by Sunil Rajak 2016-06-22


حدیثPosted by عباس رعیت پیشه 2015-12-07

عالی بود من بهتون می گم دانلود کنید

Posted by Pinky Doo 2016-02-12

Fun, but confusing. Hard to remember what jump you have to do.

Posted by محسن mohamadi 2015-10-06

من تا حالا بازی نکردم ببینم چجوریه

Very nice gamePosted by Prakash Kurambhatti 2016-04-26

I love it. but it cannot download in my mobile Samsung galaxy

Posted by mehran gasemnejad 2015-07-09

دارم دان میکنم خدا کنه که خوب باشه

Posted by ali jafari 2016-02-29


مانیPosted by AREZOO MORADI 2015-07-16


Shaun was funnyPosted by pavani m 2015-09-15

I like it very much its very nice & interested for me

Posted by علی رضا کاظمی 2015-09-10


پارساPosted by Parsa Khanzadi 2015-06-29


Posted by Sara M 2015-06-28

وای بازی های اینجوری دوست دارمB-)

I just love itPosted by Venkat Jakkampudi 2015-03-21

it is stuff and I am going to the new York city on Wed Dec

Amir soltaniPosted by babak soltanie 2016-07-06

بازی هیجان انگیزی هست.دندان گرم

Is nicePosted by Xafiro Tirtodadie 2015-09-30

It is very nice all of you download this it is very funny

Posted by Parviniyan sara 2015-07-08

این بازی سرگرم کننده هستش ممنون

Cool gamePosted by Hrusikesh b Behera 2016-06-03

This game is good not so bad and it game is a funny game

Hard and funnyPosted by s.mohamed jassim 2015-12-06

Best game forever I love . A great animated game forever

I love youPosted by moay thay halgord ayoub mamo 2015-07-06

خیلی جالب هیچ وقت ازش زده نمیشی

This conceptPosted by Eshwar P 2015-01-29

It may seem mainstream but my five stars is for the idea

I love itPosted by Hamza Kibirige 2015-10-03


Posted by 2017-01-22

It takes to long to load and it's freezing up my phone

BoringPosted by Pretty Pony 2016-06-26

Plz don't download this game it will bore you to death

AlexanderPosted by Alex Smith 2015-08-25

Slow takes for ever to load when you download the game

Posted by Milla Vanamo 2015-01-09

Hate this it don't work well and theres no exit button

SucksPosted by cyborgskull cyborgskull 2015-11-08

The background and stuff messes with my eyes it sucks

عالیهPosted by AMENEH EBRAHIMPOR 2015-07-07

خوبه عایه هیجانش کمه ولی خوبه

دوست دارمPosted by Diba Piri 2015-07-02

خیلی باحاله اصلا وصف ناپذیره

Very badPosted by Shelina Afrose 2015-10-15

Plzzz dont play this it is a very very very bad game

Posted by Kalidass P 2015-08-01


BestPosted by Siavash Zarei 2015-07-19

Thank you so much for this application I fill it ***

Posted by Kiana Fakhrara 2015-07-12

mamnon az baziye ghashangetoon♥★★★★★♥

Shawn the sheepPosted by Emily Michael 2016-08-20

Shawn the sheep really that is my favorite tv show

Very goooooooooooodPosted by M.Firoz HabibSafi 2016-03-21

این بسیار یک گیم مزه دار است

Sooo boring.Posted by Clo 15x 2015-02-07

Really boring and played it once then uninstalled.

Crazy gamePosted by abdulrahman amr 2016-01-13

You don't make any thing just to jump and to roll

Posted by shahid zende 2015-10-06

عالی عالی بسیار زیبا و عالی

Loved itPosted by Nirav Sharma 2015-07-10

Shaun the sheep my one of d fav cartoon character

The one that is not a wo the UK and I have to pay for the thingsPosted by mona fareed 2015-06-29

I am a beautiful day and the rest of the prophet,

Posted by reza bayat 2015-06-05

بازی خوبی هست حتما دان کنید

FunnyPosted by mmalefa6 mmalefa6 2016-02-26

This game is very funny believe me when I say so

AWESOME!Posted by David Vitkovic 2015-12-08

Really nice game, high graphics and cool effects

AwesomePosted by Crystal Wamser 2015-09-12

Just downloaded the moovie and it is spectacular

بازی خوبPosted by سعید اکبری 2015-08-23

ین بازی خیلی خوب ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Doesn't work HTC One M9Posted by Phil Dally 2015-08-08

Unfortunately the app kept freezing on my phone.

Best gamePosted by Anas Sharafat 2015-06-28

If you smell what the Shawn the sheep is cooking

WTFPosted by shahbaz nizami 2015-06-19

It keeps crashing when ever I open it ..........

My child likes itPosted by Pravin Shinde 2015-02-17

The game is a great deal with the small children

TerrificPosted by Mahak Yari 2015-08-16

I love it and I suggest you to danlowd this app

Love itPosted by Shermaine Lee 2015-03-19

This game is so good that i have nothing to say

Posted by Basim Boya 2016-01-07

$1000 I got that much for finishing all levels

HhPosted by arash basati 2015-08-01

هنوز نصبش نکردم دلم نمیاد

Posted by joey staal 2015-07-22

Fun game just swiping isnt working well for me

Posted by رحیم ستانیکزی 2015-07-11

خیلی خوبه واقعا بهم عالیه

Posted by Letisia Martinez 2015-06-14

Love this cartoon my kids go crazy watching it

Posted by Mahla Ghadiri 2015-02-10

اگر دانلود نکنید خر هستید

Best gamePosted by baggers gaming 2015-01-16

Keep making games like it and make morph games


It's OK. Little hard. Nice but not that much.

Not badPosted by samin razzagi 2015-12-05

It's boring we have lots of games like this

AwesomePosted by Kc Bngw 2015-09-18

Love it. It's graphics was so like the movie.

Crap gamePosted by hozdehoz 2015-08-21

Its supposed to be for kids but its too hard.

عالیPosted by شیخ طاهر ترانه 2015-07-27

عالی بودددد عاشقشم ممنون

Posted by 2016-08-27

عالییییییییییییییی بود

SHAUN THE SHEEPPosted by Joseph Baby 2016-02-12

Wow!super game play or else you will regret.

Posted by barsam eskandari 2016-02-03

حجمش 49 مگابایت زیاده یکم

.Posted by The MineCraft Girl TMG 2015-09-11

I have only 9 game it will not let me play:(

Posted by حمید رضا غلامی 2015-07-20

به درد بازی کردن نمیخوره

GoodPosted by omid kiyani 2015-07-17

Hello guys. I think it's good game.I like it

Posted by Dylan Schwartz Gee 2015-07-10

It is a very good game.I recmend you play it

Posted by Marjan A.n 2015-06-25

خوبه ولی خیلی شارژ میبره

AmazingPosted by uren Adi 2015-02-22

This app really entertains my little brother

Posted by Maryam Rahimpour 2015-11-03

خوب بید.اگه دانلود بشه:-)

Posted by Yasin Sakhi 2015-08-13

من از این بازی خوشم میاد

Gr8tPosted by Michelle Mvogo 2015-05-23

These sheeps will never ceased to amaze me!

فPosted by 2016-09-03

یکی دوست دختر کوسیم بشه

Posted by Dylman Khan 2016-01-02

خیلی مسخره است گند .گند

Posted by Mv Shyam 2015-03-28

Nice game I really liked it this is aryan

این بازیPosted by Ggfgh عدی. شبلا 2015-12-10

خیلی عالیه له به نظرمن.

Posted by Shiwan Jairam 2015-09-30

Best game ever in the world :-) <3 <3

Posted by avisa arash 2015-06-27

عالیه حتما دانلود کنید

Posted by FARHAD farhad 2015-06-16

برنامه جالبی هست ممنون

Posted by Hosam Barazi 2015-06-02

You need improve graphics but great idea

anil kumarPosted by anil kumar 2015-05-20

its an nice to watch the brilliant game.

Shaun the sheepPosted by Barshat Ghimire 2015-01-24

It is veeeeeery goooood I liked this game

SujalPosted by Sujal Sunil 2015-11-26

It is very nice and it is very very good

Posted by Rosie 2015-08-04

-I didn't like It that much but its okay

Radman vakiliPosted by Kaywan Vakili 2015-07-25

عالی بود بابا کیف کردم

Posted by EHTESHAM IQBAL 2016-03-06

I loved this game because this game ...

Posted by Mehrdad Mehrdaf 2015-06-25

خودت خری عمت خره .الاغ

I love shaunPosted by Dee does DIY 2016-06-16

Shaun is the coolest sheep of all time

Posted by miss fatsme sa 2016-01-16

ممنون از بازی خوب تان

Posted by Mohammadsajad Jannati 2015-08-07

شما زر نزن خیلی قشنگه

امیر مولاییPosted by سمیه مولایی 2015-07-17

عالیه من که دوسش دارم

Posted by درخشان آفتابی 2015-07-11


LikePosted by NaV EeD 2015-02-02

Meri pasand k carton hain bohat maza k

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Nói chung là cũng được được

I ain't your lolePosted by Faiz Akmal 2016-07-11

If he don't love you anymuooooaaareee

BoringPosted by anisur rahman 2016-02-08

So is a boring game please no dowloas

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میتونست کامل تر باشه

عالیهPosted by Poya Salehy 2015-08-03

عالیه حتما نثب بکنید

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أحدث فيلم الخروف شون ضجة سينمائية عام 2015 ومن أجل الاحتفال بأفلام كرتون أردمان فقد جرى تقديم لعبة جديدة تماماً ومليئة بالإثارة يكون البقاء فيها للأسرع فقط!
الهرولة في الشوارع من أجل المشاركة في سباق عبر المدينة!
زود حيوانك في السباق بشاحن تربو واستعدّ لسباق حياتك! تتحداك Shear Speed كي تقود القطيع خلال صخب المدينة الكبرى، لتتفادى العقبات وتحافظ على المسافة بينك وبين المُطارد الغادر، وهو مُطارد حيوانات شرير يضع القطيع نصب عينيه. اخفض السرعة وستجد نفسك تقضي الليل في الحظيرة.
شارك في السباق في أجواء المدينة المتنوعة، واقفز وتزلج وتفادى الكثير من المخاطر طوال الطريق، وركز على الأعشاب وستجد نفسك في حاجة إلى التهامها لإمداد عدادك بالطاقة.
تعد Shear Speed بمثابة سباق تحدي سهل المشاركة لكنه حقاً صعب الإتقان. هل أنت مستعد؟ حدد علاماتك وانطلق!
اغمر نفسك في عالم أفلام شون.
جرب بيئة الأفلام الواقعية أثناء اللعب وتصور حركات اللعبة وشاهد مشاهد حقيقية من فيلم الخروف شون.
متعة مجانية!
Shear Speed مجانية ولا توجد عمليات شراء للتطبيق.
تسمح هذه اللعبة للاعبين بالاتصال بشبكات التواصل الاجتماعي مثل الفيسبوك وتويتر لتبادل النتائج. وهذا الاتصال غير ضروري للمضي قدماً في اللعب.

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