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Posted by 2017-01-22

It takes to long to load and it's freezing up my phone

Posted by حسن عبدی 2017-01-21

این بازی خیلی خوبه

Good but.......Posted by SleepyNight 1 2017-01-10

Good game just a bit boring.

Posted by Karen Cook 2017-01-31

Adverts interrupt game play.

Posted by fariborz maleki 2017-01-29

ان را می پسندم

Posted by 2017-01-24

I like all character

Posted by M Jadhav 2017-01-26


Posted by داود نژادی 2017-01-09

برین قا

Posted by 2017-01-26


PLAY IT NOWPosted by Zaheeda Essak 2017-01-08

I love it

GuudPosted by toko Somxishvili 2017-01-09


Posted by Jagdish goyal 2017-01-22


Posted by Pravesh Gobin 2017-08-02


Posted by 2017-07-31

Bad graphics and like a child game

Posted by 2017-07-31

I loved the game

Posted by Deepak Dwivedi 2017-07-28


Posted by Celine Lovely 2017-07-26

Hey,you….Hey,Stupids!!! IF THIS DOESN'T COOL FOR YOUR SAMSUNG..YOUR SAMSUNG WHAT'S NOT COOOOOOOOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS GAME'S SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Shontay Monroe 2017-07-24

All the people that hate the game shut up now

Posted by Burkah Zeeshan 2017-07-24

Wow wow I like this game and I like shaun the sheep❤❤❤. I like this game wow wow good game nice game wow

Posted by naghi norbakhsh 2017-07-22

نه بد است نه خوب

Posted by 2017-07-21

Hey mate good luck with it

Posted by Selva Raj 2017-07-20


Posted by ali ataullah 2017-07-17

Good Idea

Posted by DIPAK BISWAS 2017-07-17


Posted by BHAGIRATH RAM Choudhary 2017-07-15


Posted by Karan Singh 2017-07-13

O this is

Posted by Sakhawat Hossin 2017-07-13

Nice game

Posted by John Crawford 2017-07-12


Posted by 2017-07-10


Posted by miss.Fatima .o 2017-07-07

Not bad

Posted by 2017-07-06

Thi s game sucks

gamePosted by Mustafa Narvi 2017-07-03

بسیار زیبا

Posted by noor singh 2017-07-01


Posted by Maama Maama 2017-06-29

Cool [email protected]

Posted by Kirthika Madurai 2017-06-29

The loved it

Posted by 2017-06-26

هالیه من عاشقشم

Posted by Sagar Sharma 2017-06-12

Very bad game I don't like this because the gameplay is very bad when I press down button the ships jump and out veryyy bad game in all which i play u don't download this please

Posted by Latheesh Panoly 2017-06-10


Posted by Ali Azimi 2017-06-09

بدک نیست ولی 50 درصد بوده 50 درصد خوبه

Posted by Rajesh Sardar 2017-06-08

So cool game

Posted by Aditya Singh 2017-06-04

Best game in the world

Posted by Ray Madhan 2017-06-02

Than I like is episode's and game's

Posted by taco gurl 2017-05-30

I love it

Posted by Hemant Kumar 2017-05-30


Posted by Amit Kumar Singh 2017-05-28

Good game

Posted by 2017-05-22

I love this shoun the sheep ❤❤

Posted by pri pri 2017-05-19

Good game

Posted by SANJU SHARMA 2017-05-17

This is very very very good game

Posted by Divyang Shrivastava 2017-05-15

Boohoo.... can't see shaun the sssshhhheeeeeeeeeepppppppp get caught...REMOVE THE ENDLESS RUN!!!!!!!!! Make LEVELS!!!!!!!

Posted by Abhisek Gupta 2017-05-15

Best game is the universe

Posted by Lalit Bhaji 2017-05-10

Shaun the sheep

Posted by Shadiq Khan 2017-05-06

very nice game

Posted by Tahseen Rehan 2017-05-05


Posted by vishal jain 2017-05-05


Posted by Yashu Mobile 2017-05-04

It's amazing

Posted by 2017-05-02

بچم عاشقش

Posted by Francis Vierne 2017-04-29

Time of our lives Wonder of surprise Open blue skies  Reflecting in our eyes  In a photograph  Captured as we laugh  Like we always do  Clear country air  Ever free from care  True friendship that we share  Joy beyond compare  In a perfect place  See the sunny days  Coming into view  'Cause Everyday feels like summer with you  Everything feels right starting a new  Everyday feels like summer with you  Ah...Ah...  Once you were here  My worries disappeared  all became clear  Nothing left to fear  You have got my back  Keeping me on track  Like you always do  Time of our lives  Such a sweet surprise  Together my stified  Ever starry-eyed  Beyond any price  Purest paradise  Coming into view  'Cause everyday feels like summer with you  Everything feels right starting a new  Everyday feels like summer with you  Ah...Ah...  If we get lost on a grey and cloudy day  Let’s stick together, we’ll always find our way  'Cause everyday feels like summer with you  Everything feels right starting a new  Everyday feels like summer with you  Ah...Ah...  'CauseEveryday feels like summer with you  Everything feels right starting a new  Everyday feels like summer with you

Posted by KALPANA SHARMA 2017-04-29


Posted by Najila 1986 2017-04-28


Posted by SHEENA TC 2017-04-27

This is a funny and good game

Posted by dspoomukiadithya 2017-04-26


Posted by 2017-04-22


Posted by FS HAZAN 2017-04-21

Its cool game I love

Posted by sarvin kashyap 2017-04-20

Loved this game

Posted by 2017-04-19


BtyfnPosted by Shir Ahmaf 2017-04-15

دفاع فتحعلی

Posted by عبوود الراضي 2017-04-14

حلوه رب

Posted by Dr. Sohil Momin 2017-04-11

Same to you guys my favourate

Posted by Maria Orona 2017-04-10

To harder

Posted by Shakar Lal 2017-04-09

मस्त है

Posted by SUDHA RAMESH 2017-04-05


Posted by عسل رایگان 2017-04-03

خیلی خوبه ولی داره نصب میشه

Posted by Hashem Hamidpour 2017-04-02

خیلی عالی است

Posted by 2017-04-02

نمیشه خیلی سخته

Posted by Prameela G Prameela G 2017-04-01


Posted by hasti tehran 2017-03-31


Posted by 2017-03-30


Posted by Umang singh 2017-03-29

my fav cartoon tv show

Posted by mohammad norozi 2017-03-22

بو عالی بو خیلی ممنون

Posted by vino pra 2017-03-20

I Liked it Is very good game

Posted by Preeti Shukla 2017-03-19

It is very good game

Posted by Mahendra Kumar 2017-03-17

It tatty

Posted by nishad sarraf 2017-03-12


Posted by Hassam Nawaz 2017-03-11

Game is nice addictive

Posted by Swati Gupta 2017-03-09

The best game

Posted by Cube master 2017-03-08

Best game

Posted by Sonam Choden 2017-03-08


Posted by ekta singh 2017-02-28

I think it's an awsm game

Posted by Samar Jeet 2017-02-27


Posted by محمد الطائي 2017-02-26

ههههههه والله اني اقرا التعليقات واضحك تدرون ليش والله اضحك على حال العراقين ولكم هيه لعبه ليش تضلون كواويد شجاب الصحابه واللبيت ولكم استحو شويه تره محد يدحك بوجهنه لا السعوديه ولا اي احد لا تضحكون الناس علينه والله عيب كافي والله كافي بالله احنه العراقين ما تصيرلنا جاره

Posted by Chitranshu Diwakar 2017-02-24

Iiiiiii love the Shaun sheep watching on TV it's a good cartoon

Posted by Daauud Khadiir 2017-02-22


Posted by Blue Ghost8 2017-02-19


Posted by vandana Kumar 2017-02-18

Best in world or nothing to say very good

Posted by Gangster Tamil 2017-02-17

I like this game

Posted by Deepali Vinod Goyak 2017-02-16


Posted by Syprian Nyabonyi 2017-02-15

Clear video

Posted by 2017-02-14

I love to watch the shaun the sheep good game

Posted by JlGamesZ Pro 2017-02-14

Shaun the sheeeeeeeeep love it

Posted by vipin jambhule 2017-02-11

I am in love with ishu

Posted by amir sarab 2017-02-06

بهترینه best

Posted by sajjad mohammadi 2017-02-04


Posted by matthew owen 2017-02-01

Crap game

Posted by Hirdesh Yadav 2017-01-23

I like all character

Posted by Jaylah Phillips 2017-01-21

It takes to long to load and it's freezing up my phone

Posted by Harshit Inderwani 2017-01-19

Very interesting game

Posted by niranjan singh 2017-01-19

It's boring

Posted by شراره قربانی 2017-01-18


Posted by Mariam Tetunashvili 2017-01-18

Shoun the ship is my lovly movies episods and lovly game i love very much timmy and shoun

Posted by mahdi salimi 2017-01-17


Posted by Marshall Em 2017-01-17

Really great shun the sheep. I loved

Shaun the sheep shear speedPosted by Duane Wooley 2017-01-15

Love it

This game is Best I love this gamePosted by 2017-01-14


Posted by Anup Kumar Paul 2017-01-13

I loved it vvvveeeeeeeeeeerrryyyyyyytmuch

Posted by Rajya Lakshmi 2017-01-12

OK sssssss,assesses assesses,ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Etz greattttPosted by Ankita Rai 2017-01-11

I love these cartoon soooo much...hehe.

Posted by mahboubeh ebadi 2017-01-10

خییییییییییییییییییییئییئییییییییئیییییییییلی باهاله

Posted by Arash Kishi 2017-01-10

خیلی باحاله

GuudPosted by gaxta gamoxta kurdgeli mogityan dedis muteli 2017-01-08


عاشقشم خیلی زیاد بچه هاشما هم نصب کنید بازی خبی استPosted by سیدساسان صامدی 2017-01-05

من خیلی دسش دارم این بازی رو

Posted by Anita Jangra 2017-01-05

Great and fantastic

Loved itPosted by Rizwan Qureshi 2017-01-03

Posted by Rahim Tahiri 2017-01-02


Posted by 2017-01-01

Waaaaaaaw biuti full

Posted by Hamid Hoseini 2016-12-31


Posted by Adam Pinhasov 2016-12-27


Controle is very poor....Posted by Siril Gaikwad 2016-12-27

When i was play this game ...whenever i want to rolling then it suddenly gets jumping.

Posted by jakunz gamer 2016-12-27

No like

I love Shaun the Sheep!Posted by Melissa Hennings -Gardner 2016-12-26

cute fun

GfPosted by 2016-12-25


GhPosted by 2016-12-24


I just loved itPosted by rupak shome 2016-12-22


Lov tooPosted by Raju Sapna 2016-12-19

I like

Posted by Susee Maha 2016-12-18

Shaun the sheep movie was good i seen all the characters in this movie

SHAUN THE SHHHHHEEEEEEPPPPPPosted by Huda Maviya 2016-12-17

ilove this episodes and it's my lucky coortoon in this cartoon I love most, Shaun,farmer,Tommy,dimmi,Rani mosi

K kingPosted by Rakesh Raki 2016-12-17

OsuummPosted by 2016-12-16

It's really fantasticc

عالییییPosted by Taha Assari 2016-12-15


Posted by elmira entezary 2016-12-15

very good

Posted by Sp Properties 2016-12-15


greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatPosted by maryam mostajeran 2016-12-14


سجادPosted by 2016-12-14

عالیییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییی ییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییییی. استتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتت

Posted by ARMIN NEMATI 2016-12-11

بی معنی فقط باید بدوی

It doesn't reallyPosted by Jack Coral 2016-12-08

This srenen aperrs

I just Hate thisPosted by tae's love affair from mars 2016-12-07

I don't like Shawn the cartoon and this game is boring too

حمیدPosted by Hamidreza Tahani 2016-12-07


Best gamePosted by Punya Sharma 2016-12-06

I love this game

Posted by Asif Ali 2016-12-04

I love shown the sheep

Posted by 2016-12-01

خیلی خوشه

آمنهPosted by amene Khajemirza 2016-11-28


پوریاPosted by pourya D 2016-11-28

بازی جالبیه..... سرگرم کنندست

بهزادPosted by 2016-11-27


Posted by تد ممم 2016-11-27

ب. ه.ت.ر.ی.ن

It's okPosted by karto lenzo 2016-11-23

Is not too bad

Posted by Majid Anvari 2016-11-23

ندیدم ولی فکنم جالب باشه

سلامPosted by محمد dk 2016-11-16


BIG FAN OF SHAUNPosted by 2016-11-15

I am a big fan of Shaun the

Posted by 2016-11-12

Lindi shala

Posted by Mahdi Sattari 2016-11-12

زیباست وباحال

BuykaPosted by 2016-11-11


Posted by Mina Safari 2016-11-11


FunPosted by Yunus BANGS 2016-11-10

It's like awsome turbo boost your speed and cleen ur hooves it's ready to race with Shaun the sheep

بتبتPosted by 2016-11-09


Love itPosted by MOHAMAD HAKIM BIN MOHAMAD TAUFIK 2016-11-08

And the music is so good its like I can dance

SHAUN THE SHEEEEEEEEPPosted by patriotic puppies 2016-11-07

I love Shaun the sheep and watched all the episodes I love Timmy, Shaun, Mum, Bitzer, The Farmer, and Shirley! (She Is halarious)

UjinPosted by 2016-10-30


الیPosted by Roham Hamedian 2016-10-30


CutePosted by Skyler Klein 2016-10-29

Challenging, fun, addictive :)

Posted by Bayrsaihan Jargalmaa 2016-10-29


Posted by Arjun Sharma 2016-10-28

It's good

Posted by jeetendra pathak 2016-10-28


l love this gamePosted by pankaj rawal 2016-10-27

l love this game

ایلیناPosted by 2016-10-25

عالی هست

GoodPosted by saeed sadri88 2016-10-24


عالیPosted by HOSEIN TAK 2016-10-19

دوستان این برنامه رو دانلود کنید حتما راستی منم فارسی زبانم

Posted by Asieh Boostany 2016-10-18

اصلا اون چیزی نبود که فکر می کردم به درد ما نخورد که

Its a good appPosted by haji hayatullah 2016-10-16

I love him

ZakiPosted by Syabila Syabil 2016-10-14

I love it

Posted by 2016-10-12

Shaun the sheep

I love itPosted by nupur Saxena 2016-10-12

Happy returns of the day

تتتتاPosted by سعید سماع 2016-10-12


Posted by 2016-10-12


loved the gamePosted by Arfaan Amaan 2016-10-11


Shaun the sheepPosted by 2016-10-09

Its amazing n cool

جذاب نیسPosted by 2016-10-08

حوصله داری

GamePosted by 2016-10-06

Very very good. Its ok

ایلیا چروییPosted by Ileya Cheroee 2016-10-05

عالیه نصبش نکنید از دستتون میره حتما نصب کنید

Posted by 2016-10-05


Posted by milind kumbhare 2016-10-04


SimonPosted by Simon Kumal 2016-10-03


Posted by miis-parniya ki 2016-10-01


تفگابPosted by ahmad aghjri 2016-09-30


خیلی عالی استPosted by Ahmad Fahim Azizyar 2016-09-30

Good. nice.excellent

Posted by Mehrnaz مهرناز 2016-09-29

عالیه خیلی دوستش دارم

خوبهPosted by احمد گندم نشان 2016-09-28

بازی زیباییست

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أحدث فيلم الخروف شون ضجة سينمائية عام 2015 ومن أجل الاحتفال بأفلام كرتون أردمان فقد جرى تقديم لعبة جديدة تماماً ومليئة بالإثارة يكون البقاء فيها للأسرع فقط!
الهرولة في الشوارع من أجل المشاركة في سباق عبر المدينة!
زود حيوانك في السباق بشاحن تربو واستعدّ لسباق حياتك! تتحداك Shear Speed كي تقود القطيع خلال صخب المدينة الكبرى، لتتفادى العقبات وتحافظ على المسافة بينك وبين المُطارد الغادر، وهو مُطارد حيوانات شرير يضع القطيع نصب عينيه. اخفض السرعة وستجد نفسك تقضي الليل في الحظيرة.
شارك في السباق في أجواء المدينة المتنوعة، واقفز وتزلج وتفادى الكثير من المخاطر طوال الطريق، وركز على الأعشاب وستجد نفسك في حاجة إلى التهامها لإمداد عدادك بالطاقة.
تعد Shear Speed بمثابة سباق تحدي سهل المشاركة لكنه حقاً صعب الإتقان. هل أنت مستعد؟ حدد علاماتك وانطلق!
اغمر نفسك في عالم أفلام شون.
جرب بيئة الأفلام الواقعية أثناء اللعب وتصور حركات اللعبة وشاهد مشاهد حقيقية من فيلم الخروف شون.
متعة مجانية!
Shear Speed مجانية ولا توجد عمليات شراء للتطبيق.
تسمح هذه اللعبة للاعبين بالاتصال بشبكات التواصل الاجتماعي مثل الفيسبوك وتويتر لتبادل النتائج. وهذا الاتصال غير ضروري للمضي قدماً في اللعب.

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